Session 4: Rat’s Nest Gangbang

Dok, Gigi and LQ bolt out of the pub after loud noises outside. Leaving the rest of the party alone with the carnage that had only just created. After a few moments, and noticing a new-comer in the corner of the pub, they exit to find Dok on the ground and the Quill family vanished.

Raeona, Kierhan and Janika ask Truugahn where they are, but he is unable to use his amulet to contact them. They must be unconscious, or worse.

Janika suggests the team go after the gang, as the mysterious stranger begins carving lines in one of the pub’s tables. The party asks him what he is doing and the Dragonborn simply says that his name is Kerish. Janika grunts, and at Azathoth’s behest (and with the addition of a anti-glowing symbol and burning table) Kerish joins the group.

They head to Hanging Shanty after questioning one of the town guards about the Rat’s Nest Gang and eventually reach the Bazaar. It is filled with all the races and ill-gotten gains of the kingdom, as well as a snoopy¬†Thri-kreen named Chizik. Janika and Kerish corner her and force her to take the party to one of their hide outs.

Once there, they find a Spider Totem, as well as a chest filled with Boots of Leaping. On taking the boots, the party spring a trap and are knocked out.

The awake on swinging platforms that hang over the Edge. LQ and Gigi are on a nearby platform as well, asleep. Raeona feysteps, bringing Janika with her, to a larger platform that sits between the others. It is some kind of hanging jail.

Before they can free their allies, a huge Lizardman and a tiny Halfling enter the jail. The halfling instructs the Lizardman, Poker, to deal with the group. After a quick battle, Poker lies dying. Having punted Kierhan over the Edge – resulting in a fall that lasted tens of minutes before a gruesome death – Poker is finished off by Raeona.

The halfling, now identified as Von Tonwick, sends a threesome of beast-men to confront the team. Slippy, Peppy and Falco are dispatched easily, and Von is forced to reveal that he is actually a Doppelganger – A midget doppelganger!

Our heroes discover a note to Von from a nobleman in Cranston named Lucien Pileswork. And when they return to the pub, Baz informs them that Zooknor is long overdue to return and he is worried. They check his room and find a crumpled up letter asking him to return home.

All roads lead to Cranston, and along the way the party discovers 4 newly hatched Bronze Wyrmlings. Rather than fighting them, the group befriends them and brings them along to Cranston, stowed away in their covered wagon.

They pay a visit to Lucien Pileswork, impersonating the Rat’s Nest Gang and verifying the story in the letter. Indeed Lucien’s brother Donovor was murdered some weeks ago. And Lucien believes that it was a group called the Pit Vipers.

They ask the constabulary, and there seems to have not been any investigation. If Lucien says it was the Pit Vipers, then it was the Pit Vipers. A mystery is afoot!

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Session 3: Hope Springs a Colonel

The party reaches Clairfield and Truugahn gets the supplies and negotiates rates for establishing a supply chain to fix the walls of Karinhol. On the way back, he stops the party near a corn field and tells them he has seen incredible growth from them over the last couple weeks.

He offers to train each of them, one-on-one, to better unlock their potential; something he hasn’t offered anyone in more than 100 years.

First up is Janika. In the center of the corn field Truugahn summons 4 Corn Warriors and a single Corn Colonel to lead them. Janika fights well until Truugahn ensnares him in a cage. To everyone’s surprise, Janika shape-shifts into a smaller young woman and passes through the vines of the cage with little effort. After defeating the warriors, Truugahn expresses his confusion about the nature of Janika’s deity, and gives her a gift; The Chains of Madness. One blade of this chain-blade is tainted with necrotic horror, and the other glows with holy light.

Gigi takes the field next, and after handily defeating the Colonel, she ultimately succumbs to the other Corn Warriors. Before the final blow can be struck, Truugahn dispatches the warriors and heals Gigi. He then gives her a set of magical armor to better protect her from overwhelming damage.

Although absent, having been called back to Karinhol to receive a royal message, Truugahn tells the party that Zooknor’s goggles have been further enhanced.

Truugahn then calls Adran to battle. He allows himself to be pinned in the corner, and then defeats each of the Colonel’s minions with ease before destroying it utterly. Truugahn, sensing some sadness behind Adran’s typically silent and reserved demeanor gives him a magic bow called “Heartbreaker.”

Penultimately Raeona and Kierhan step onto the field. Although fighting cunningly, she is ultimately defeated. Truugahn, in recognition of her Eladrin roots, bestows upon her an armor crafted by her people. This armor enables her to carry, willing or not, anyone along when she Fey Steps.

Before stepping into battle, Truugahn helps LQ alter his Flaming Sphere to become a Necrotic Sphere. Which he promptly uses in battle with the Corn Warriors to leave only the Colonel standing. With a few more well placed spells, the Colonel also falls. LQ is rewarded with an amulet that allows him to speak with Truugahn no matter how much distance separates them.

Presently, Truugahn turns an ear to the sky. The party presses Janika on the nature of Doppelgangers, what the name he goes by is and before long a giant humanoid crow descends from above. He accuses the party of stealing his corn. A few of his fellow Kenku family also arrive, and they attack Truugahn who throws up a shield that isolates the large Kenku from the smaller ones.

A battle ensues between the party and the Kenku. The Kenku fall easily at the hands of the now stronger team. Truugahn crushes the large bird to the ground with roots and vines and smothers the life from it.

LQ tricks Janika into eating bird blood flavored like tomato sauce.

The party return to Karinhol, and 6 months pass while Truugahn assists them in locating more Spider Totems. In that time the group earns 1560GP each.

Turning that time, some pivotal events take place:

  1. Zooknor is not present anywhere in Karinhol, he apparently was called away to his homeland in the Fey Wild.
  2. Janika choses to remain in a female form that uses the name Izzy, letting the fate of Janika be known only to the immediate party, as well as her true racial identity.
  3. LQ questions Janika/Izzy on the exact nature of Azathoth; learning that the Deep One is purest of evil and Janika/Izzy doesn’t know why he only asks him to do good.
  4. Dok bursts into the Sheep Pellets Pub and crys over grog. The party learn that Gigi’s mother was also Dok’s mother. LQ tells Dok that Janika killed her. To try to cheer Dok up, LQ performs a (for pay) fireworks show. He also rips off a bunch of people at the Shell game.

A bandit and comrades from the Rat’s Nest Gang show up at Sheep Pellets Pub looking for LQ and suggesting that he pay them back for ripping one of their gang members off. Dok kills them and the party prepare to set off to deal with the gang in Hanging Shanty.

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Session 2: The Mystery of the West Wall and the Truugahn Expedition

While LQ and Gigi slumber through the morning, Baz enlists the aid of the party to investigate the breach in the West Wall. It is mysterious how the Kobolds breached the walls, seeing as this area is protected by the Wokar river as it splits around the city.

When the team arrives they discover a sinkhole in concentrically ringed steps dropping the wall down, and a locked door. Raeona unlocks the door as if it were nothing and the group follow her and Kierhan down the passageway. It becomes clear they this is a mine, and following the noises of mining they eventually reach Kobold miners digging for metals in the loamy compressed Seafoam walls.

They learn from the Kobold leadership in the mine that one of their workers, named Tahm, was killed in one of the lower shafts. The party investigate, hoping to receive “Shiny Metal” from the head Kobold. Tahm’s blood pools at the entrance and long scratches etch the mine walls before breaking into a cavern. The cavern opens up to a pool of lava where the group does battle with a duo of skeletons before returning to the Inn, after getting their “Shiny Metal” from the head Kobold.

LQ and Gigi are awake, and Gigi is eating what amounts to brunch. The team reports back to Baz who decides they need to accelerate their plans to rebuild the walls and gates.

The following morning the full band heads off for Cranston along with a covered wagon, a couple of donkeys and two townguardsmen. They stop for the night along the way and discuss the Kelp Trees, and LQ attempts to get Zooknor to eat some, but fails to make it appetizing enough.

Before heading out in the morning, Raeona drops her precious book, “The Doppleganger and the Displacer Beast” which Zooknor returns to her. They head off to Cranston only to find smoke rising from the city and Orc Raiders besieging it.

As the party sneaks closer, the Orc Priestess spots LQ and approaches. She demands that LQ return their daughter, who turns out to be Gigi. LQ was apparently held captive by this Orc band for some time, long enough to conceive a child, carry it to term, and for him to abscond with it. After the team buys LQ’s freedom from her, the Priestess grabs Gigi by the arm and begins to make off. LQ hits her with all he has, and after a lengthy battle she lay headless in the street. LQ keeps that head.

Seeing their leader dead, the remaining Orcs flee the city and the battle is won.

The party press LQ on why he has taken the head and he reveals, while Gigi is off chasing a duck, that he intends to pursue becoming a lich. And after some discussion end up going to the Worthless Magic Item Emporium.

Once there they meet Truugahn, the owner of the shop and Magical Advisor to the King of Kar. He is eccentric and funny, and wears green robes. LQ takes the time to chat with a fellow Wizard, and the townguardsmen ask Truugahn if he is ready to leave. As it turns out, they were meant to pick him up before heading off to Clairfield to secure supplies.

Truugahn fixes Zooknor’s goggles. They will now allow him to see the true nature of a person’s spirit once per day.

Truugahn looks over the Drow Book the team discovered and surmises that it is a religious text about the Drow Goddess Lolth, and that it is clearly enciphered. He tells them about the Spider Totems that dot the landscape around Kar.

The party leaves, and as they do they spot someone in the crowd that looks just like Janika, but lose him. Janika tells the party that he wants nothing to do with his brother, and Truugahn hurries the team along. Janika asks Truugahn if he “Knows” and Truugahn indicates that he does and that Janika should avoid Zooknor’s goggles.

After a few days of travel, Truugahn lead the group off the path to a small temple. Here they discover a Spider Totem and a new letter. They also discover a long battle with skeletons, as Truugahn barely assists. And afterwards, Zooknor turns his goggles on Janika, seeing him not as an exact match of himself, but as a petite woman.

Truugahn hurries the party along and they set off for Clairfield once again.

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City: Cranston

Kar’s City of Magical Artifacts. 20 miles outside Karinhol along the south road, after taking the fork to the right (west). Home to the famous Worthless Magic Item Emporium.

Welcome to Cranston!

In addition to being Kar’s newest city, Cranston is also its most valuable. The riches contained within boggle the mind. Every kind of magical artifact can be discovered here, and the city itself is built over a still-not-fully-explored arcane temple complex.

Being so rich, Cranston is often beseiged by raiding parties swooping up from the southern wildreness. Recently subjected to everything from Orcs seeking who knows what, to cultists of Nerull seeking some death-centric doodad or another.

WMIE, the Worthless Magic Item Emporium, is home to a collection of ridiculous items half-baked together by magicians of poor skill or poor sanity. While every item is for sale, the shop is really more of a museum, items being bought only by rich patrons as gag-gifts or out of genuine interest in oddities.

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City: Hanging Shanty

Over the Edge next to Karinhol there is a thief-town made of wood, it hangs over the Edge and spills down for nearly a mile. Still miles away from the Vertical Vale.

Composed of wooden beams, broken ship parts, ladders and endless staircases. Embedded into the lower recesses of the Karinhol mines and breaching into the dungeons below. Hanging Shanty is the place to be for rogues, cut-throats and fences alike.

It is also home to the poorest of Karinhol’s citizenry and in times of need can be overrun with refugees. Hanging Shanty, dispite the name, has built for itself a thriving communal town that embodies the spirit of steal-from-the-rich-give-to-the-poor.

Aside from assassination and theifcraft, Hanging Shanty exports tactical planning, fenced goods, and fortunes-told. And imports bodies alive and dead, many headed for discreet disposal over the Edge.

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City: Karinhol

The City on the Edge.

Mining and farming are important industries here. Karinhol mines produce tin, iron and traces of other metals, while their extensive leaching efforts have made the land around the city lush, green and prosperous.

The city is broken into four districts with civic buildings, the keep and the castle to the north; housing and recreation to the south; markets to the west and the mines and industrial works to the east extending even over the Edge.

Each district has secondary defensive walls to protect the riches and inhabitants of the city when under attack, however the recent Kobold raid has left the outer wall next to the West district breached. This leaves the Market vulnerable.

There is stage-coach service along the two main roads leading out to the farmland on either side of the Wokar river. The city was built along the north bank of the river and 20 years ago construction on the canal diverting half the river around the north walls of the city was completed.

It is unknown how the Seafoam Kobolds were able to breach the western walls, as this is where the river is widest and fastest.

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Alternate Universe: Famous Dok’s “Cooki3s”

In a misguided attempt to troll his new companion, LQ attempts to make a pile of Kobold guts taste like cookies. Due to astral alignments and ley line configurations, along with high die rolls, LQ’s magic converted all Kobold guts to taste like cookies. Everywhere. Forever.

As a result, the party made their fortune selling jars of Kobold Kookies to the local populace, much to their addicted, nauseated and satisfied chagrin.

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